Star Supa Comic is an event for all Malaysians who are interested in anime, cosplay, e-games and card games which will be taking place on 13-14 July 2019 @Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. An event not to be missed with everything exciting for all ages under one roof! A platform for cosplayers, anime & manga lovers, gamers, doujins and collectors to showcase their talents.




    13-14JULY 2019


    MID VALLEYExhibition Centre
    MVEC Hall 1-3


    10am - 8pm



    As the sun is engulfed by the moon, propelling the world into total darkness, the gates of Haedes unlocked bringing forth destruction and chaos . The mages in the East and from the far end in the West travelled to the middle of the earth , to witness the births of two souls bloomed from the enchanted place , Maho No Hoshi Mori. Prophecied by the ancient sūpā scroll to be the guardians who would protect mankind and cleanse the earth from the grasp of daemons and beasts summoned by Haedes.



    RYO, Guardian of the West, Master of the elements Fire & Wind was taken and brought up by the Meteora ArchMage. Such heavy responsibilities on his shoulders underneath the heavy armour.

    Behind these piercing blue eyes lie a man with the spirit of a child, playful by nature with a soft spot for cats. Though he may unwittingly get on Lady Shiori's nerve with his over the top demeanour, she can count on him to be by her side in times of need. 



    Lady Shiori, Protector of the East,  was brought up by the Monks from The Temple of Leyfarus. Sweet but shy in nature. She may seem quiet but her sword skills speak volumes and are feared by those who have seen them in action. With her swords, Meiyo( honor ) and Eiko ( glory ) , she controls the elements Water & Earth as she weaves her sword dances through battles with grace like no mortal. 

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