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  The Organisers, Penang Starwalk 2019
I agree to abide by the conditions and rules of the Walk. I declare that the details given are correct and I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to finish the Walk. I will attempt to complete the Walk within the time limit.


In consideration of the Organiser accepting this entry, I upon entry and registration to participate in the above Penang Starwalk, hereby by myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights or claims to damages I may have against the Organisers holding this Penang Starwalk, their agents, representatives, successors, assignees, sponsors and co-sponsors for any and all injuries, death and invalidity I may sustain during the course of the event or arising as a result of it.

I hereby indemnify you and keep you indemnified and waived against all claims or damage that arise in the consequence of the above.


I parent/guardian of the participant, whose particulars appear above, confirm, that I fully understand and appreciate the effect of the above waiver and hereby agree and declare on behalf of the participant that the purport of the Waiver Clause will have equal binding effect on the participant.

I hereby consent to his/her participation in the above Penang Starwalk.
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