Back To Basics 2018 Craft Workshop

Event Details

Go back to basics in our specially curated workshops - everything from building your own terrariums, embroidery and paintings to unleash your creativity and master your basics with us!

Sign up for the workshop and receive a goodie bag worth over RM150! Stand a chance to win exciting prizes!

Terrarium Workshop

24 Nov | 9:00am - 12:00pm | Workshop 1

This workshop is conducted by @tinyforestsj | Enjoy this relaxed hands-on workshop where you'll create your own terrarium in an open glass bowl to bring the outdoors in. Learn about the necessary ingredients for a happy and thriving succulent plant environment. Have fun customizing yours with the plants, sand, coloured pebbles, dried moss, and other decorative items of your own choosing. All necessary supplies provided! These little gardens are super easy to care for and exciting to watch develop over the following months and years. Participants will go home with their self-made terrariums.

Floral Bouquet Embroidery Workshop

24 Nov | 2:00pm - 6:30pm | Workshop 2

This workshop is conducted by Anni Tai | @annitaistudio, a fun and free loving artist. Popular embroidery stitches will be taught during this workshop. Participants will learn a variety of basic embroidery techniques to sew leaves, flowers, flower stems with stitch patterns such as Spider Wheel Stitch, Fish Bone Stitch, Back Stitch, French Knot and Lazy-daisy stitch. Participants will go home with the embroidery hoop, cloth, embroidery floss (thread), needles and their embroidery artwork.

Herb Watercolour Workshop

25 Nov | 9:00am - 1:30pm | Workshop 3

Atie Jaafar | @wkndiminlove will be conducting this workshop for participants to explore the process and techniques of watercolour painting on how to paint interesting culinary and medicinal herbs. It focuses on how to create beautiful brush strokes of leaves and the knowledge of colour blending. On top of that, you will learn on how to compose soothing yet lovely artwork of herbs. Participants will go home with watercolour palette, brush, herbs reference pictures and their artworks.

Loose Floral Watercolour Workshop

25 Nov | 2.00pm - 6:30pm | Workshop 4

Atie Jaafar | @wkndiminlove, a watercolour artist whom founded Weekendiminlove, believes that art not only brings aesthetic value but it also brings therapeutic value in life. Atie will be sharing a basic introduction to watercolour whereby participants will learn basic techniques of watercolour and how to paint loose florals during the workshop. Participants will go home with watercolour palette, brush and their artworks.