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Updated: Dec 16

GE8417 tube monoblocks, 110-volt (with step-down), RM2,500 - Evan, 017-4346937

Naim Powerline AC cable, 1.8m, RM1,650 - 017-3300516

Epos M12i speakers, RM1,600; Onkyo A-9555 amp, RM1,300; Cambridge Audio DacMagic, RM1,000 - Ang, 019-6699432

Chord Company Signature interconnects, 1m, RM1,888 - Brad, 012-3038716

Onix OA21S amp/SOAP 2 power supply/Epos 11 speakers/stands, RM2,000; Aura amp/AE Aegis NEO Three speakers, RM1,600 - Chan, 012-2367214

Amperex (Bugle Boy) ECC88/6DJ8 tubes, pair, RM350; RCA 12AU7 (Blackplates), pair, RM250; Mullard M8136/CV4003, single, RM150 - TC, 012-4119075

Micromega Stage 2 CD player, RM1,200 - Yap, 012-3270132

Naim 122X, 150X, Nait XS - 012-3980039

Updated: Nov 18

Vincent SP-993 power amp, RM4,200; Meridian CD206 CD player, RM2,400; Meridian 201 preamp - Jimmy, 013-3920068

Creek Evo CD player, RM1,500; Monster Interlink 400 MkII 5.1 interconnects, 2m, RM350; Monster Video2 S-Video cable, 2m, RM90; QED One component video cables, 1.5m, RM150; XLO ER1 composite video cable, 4ft, RM80 - 012-2096986

SME IV.Vi tonearm, RM3,500 - 012-4845808

Bryston 8B THX poweramp, RM6,200 - Lai, 017-8978880 /

Energy LCR centre speaker, RM450 - Zulbahrim, 019-2393195 /

Naim speaker cables - 012-3980039

Updated: Nov 7

Marantz CD63Mk2 KI Signature CD player, RM1,100 -

Ultech UCD-100 HDCD CD player, RM 1,100 - Chan, 012-3207154

AudioQuest S-Video cable, 1m, RM100; AudioQuest/ Cinemaquest component cables, 1m, RM70 - Bob, 010-7919536 /

Audiolab 8000T (black) in good working condition - Han, 016-6600646 /

Updated: Oct 21

Audio Research LS7 preamp, RM2,900 - 019-2787282

NAD 7420 receiver, RM430 - Ahmad, 013-3526100

Rogers LS3/5a speakers/stands, RM5,500 - 012-3827883

Arcam FMJ A22 amp, RM2,200 - Alex, 012-3750004

Creek Evo amp, RM1,600; Kimber PBJ interconnects, 1m, RCA, RM300 - 012-2096986

Updated: Oct 3

Yamaha RX-V800 AV amp, RM650 - 016-7231126

Marantz PM-14SA amp, RM3,400; Quad 44 preamp, RM1,500; Meridian 201 preamp, RM1,600; Epos 14 speakers, RM1,600 - 013-3920068

Isotek Elite power cord, 1.5m, RM480 - Ivan, 019-2683639

Yamaha NS 1000M speakers/stands, RM3,900; Yamaha CDX1050 CD player, RM1,500; Sunfire Classic preamp, RM4,500 - Rozario, 012-7889030

Naim Headline 2 headphone amp (RCA)/NAPSC2 power supply, RM3,000; Naim Powerline mains cable (UK plug), RM1,800; Richard Gray RGPC 400 Pro (UK version) power conditioner, RM2,800; Rega Isis CD player, RM15,000 - Raj, 012-9189762

Updated: Sept 23

Cyrus power amp, RM 1,500 - Andy, 017-6689830 (sms)

Sonic Frontiers power 1 amp, RM6,100; Final Labs MC step-up transformer, RM3,800; V-Cap reference grade (8 uF) oil capacitor, RM550 - Lone, 016-2730957

Focus Audio Signature Series 68 speakers, RM2,980 - Jacky, 016-2102323

Zingali Coliseum surround speakers system, RM1,600; Kikuchi 4:3 projection screen 80inch, RM 400; Marantz SR4002 AV amp, RM800; Denon 1740 HD DVD player, RM200 - 012-3161322